Effective Revision Tips

Every study program requires one to prepare and practice enough to excel. However, this might not be enough. The following revision tips are beneficial to both the parents and their kids.

Avoid overburdening your kid

You should avoid putting a lot of pressure on the kids. They need to be given time to rest. This can be done by giving them some short breaks of about five to ten minutes.


Encourage your kids to revise from different places within your home compound. This boosts their confidence as they find it easier even when taking exams in a new place. Past revision papers are also good for your kids as they make the revision process easier. Mock exams can also be tried.

Visual aids

These devices are of paramount importance in revision. A good example is the spider diagram. These are mind maps which help in showing the relevant areas of every topic. They also help the students in summarizing the various topics.


Mnemonics help the kids in remembering information in words, abbreviations, and phrases. They do this by making the information very interesting. Students cannot forget the interesting things. Mnemonics makes the earning process more fun.


It is always a good idea to reward your kid wherever he or she achieves a good grade or improves. They should be rewarded and assisted in setting targets that make them improve. Rewarding the students motivates them to do even better.


This involves giving standard tests that meet all the exam conditions to your kids. Such tests play a crucial role in testing the speed of your child. The kids should be fast enough. You are advised to go through the various test papers to spot any mistakes.

Attention span

fwfwfadwfwqwThe kid’s attention span usually lasts for about thirty to fifty minutes. As a parent, you are required to increase the attention span gradually. This is best done by choosing the various topics from all the subjects.

Working on difficult subjects

Difficult subjects like Math in which your kid is weak in should be addressed. More time should be allocated in such subjects. Kids have a tendency of avoiding these subjects that they find hard for them.

Food and exercise

A healthy diet and exercises are very crucial for the proper functioning and development of the kid’s brain. Kids need to have a resting break after studying for some time. Studying throughout the day without having a break is considered to be counterproductive.