Making Mathematics Fun For Kids

Mathematics is one of the subjects hated by kids. A lot of concepts and formulas are involved which kids find hard to understand. However, there are some youngsters who find this subject very easy to understand. Kids need to make an extra effort to understand this subject.

As a parent, you also have a responsibility. You need to look for better educational institutions which have competent and reputable math teachers. You can also make use of effective revision tips to help improve the learning habit of your child.

Let us have a look at some of the most effective ways which can help in making young kids have fun as they learn Mathematics.

Driving in car

The basic arithmetic skills can be targeted on the road when you are driving. You can talk about speed, distance traveled, amount of fuel consumed and the time  taken to travel.


Daily home activities

Number and counting skills can be targeted with the daily home activities. For instance, you can assign them a task of counting the forks and setting them on the table. They can also divide the pizza slices equally between your family members.


Cooking is a math-oriented task. You have to deal with measurements of volumes and weights as well as time skills. Children should be allowed to measure exact quantities of liquids and solids. They can also be given a task of keeping the time while cooking is being done.


Children should be exposed to money in their early school years. Let them collect coins and count them regularly. They should also try to determine how much change is expected when you visit the stores. The use of money introduces children to the basics of numbers.

Outdoor sport games

Scoring and rules of some games like baseball and basketball help your kids to understand about numbers. Kids should, therefore, be involved in games.


Your child should learn how to use a watch. You can ask them to determine the difference between times and motivate them by rewarding them when they get it right.


Web programs can be used for reinforcing mathematics skills from algebra to arithmetic. The interactive interface involved makes it fun and easier for kids to practice the various maths skills taught in school.


A mathematics chart can be posted in the child’s room. Such posters should have the basic mathematics concepts and formulas. Again the posters should be as fun as possible, for instance,  by using diagrams for illustration. One can also target timetables for this activity.…