Tips on funding a college education


The economy today is not what it used to be a decade ago. People are finding it difficult to afford so many things, and when it comes to the education of a child, parents can hit a brick wall. Fortunately, there are some options including taking out student loans. There are two main types that are on offer, and they are the federal ones and the private ones. In this article let us look at federal vs. private options without cosigner for those students who wish to get some financial assistance for their education.

What are student loansyrtgerfe

This is financial assistant given by federal and private institutions to students that require help in paying for their college education. Many parents cannot afford to get into more debt, and therefore, these lenders will give out loans directly to the students. Depending on the bank, the student may be required to start repaying immediately or once they have graduated started working.

Federal student loans

The government has put into place these measures to help students with paying for their education. If you wish to apply for them, you will have to meet certain criteria. The benefit of this type of loan is that the interest rate is low and the repayments will start after a student begins his or her career. There is no requirement for a cosigner, but the person taking the loan should have a good credit score.

Private student loans

Private institutions like banks and other lenders will also give out student loans. However, these organizations will require more paperwork and will often charge higher rates of interest. They may also ask the student to start paying back the loan during the time they are in college. They do have loans that can be granted without a cosigner, but for this, you must have an excellent credit score without any adverse history.


ltnbkrvmDepending on your situation, you can opt for either of the two. If you are not in a position to make payments, the federal loans do have a subsidized version which will help out the those who are in need. Most institutions will, however, grant a student loan to anyone if there is a credit-worthy person who will be a cosigner.


Education is an important part of everyones life and if you are in need of some financial assistance you can make use of the information above to get the funding you need.